We’re Adding to Our Diverse Team! Come Join Us.

Are you a recent college grad? NOW Marketing Group is searching for candidates with various backgrounds to join our expanding team. We embrace people with positive attitudes, strong work ethics, and a desire to never stop learning. Our team-driven culture is welcoming and tight-knit; each person is different, yet we all seem to work quite well together. Erika H., our Director of Operations, describes why we place such an emphasis on diversity:

• Fresh Ideas: “Innovation is at the core of our NOW Marketing Group model,” Erika explained. “We need people who can add unique perspectives, which ultimately leads to richer results. Diversity is a must if we are going to challenge the status quo.”

• Abundance of Talents and Skills: “Each person brings his or her own strengths to the table,” Erika said. “Some people are stronger in some areas than others. I try to hire people who will complement each other in terms of their proficiencies. This adds balance to what we can offer in terms of solutions.”

• Greater Productivity: “When we combine originality in thoughts and talent, we can achieve astonishing things,” Erika remarked. “We accomplish a lot more together as a team, especially when we value each other’s contributions.”

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