Travel Develops Successful Professionals

We make travel a NOW Marketing Inc priority because of the many benefits it provides. Simply leaving our normal daily routines is enough to build resilience and help us think more creatively. When we add a seminar or conference to that mix, the results are even stronger.

Top producers from our firm recently came back from a conference in Dallas, Texas. Ericka Higgins, CEO of NOW Marketing Inc, took five standout team members with her to the Lone Star State to meet industry leaders from across North America. Each associate that went was chosen for his or her outstanding performance and leadership potential.

The event included keynote speakers sharing their knowledge on a topic they’ve shown mastery of, along with workshops designed to give hands-on training in the latest techniques in our field. Networking played a big role as well: the chance to meet people from many different markets and backgrounds broadened our own horizons and is certain to impact our careers.

Perhaps the best part of the event was the awards ceremony to recognize high achievers who had hit major milestones. This was very inspiring, and showed us how much a person could accomplish in customer acquisitions.

Our travel program is a worthwhile investment in the success of our team members and our firm. See where we’re heading next by following NOW Marketing Inc on Twitter.