Questions for Interviewees to Remember

The questions jobseekers ask during interviews go a long way toward determining the type of impressions they make. When we evaluate potential additions to Team NOW Marketing Group, Inc., we like to hear them ask about the following important topics:

  • How Success Is Measured: This shows that a person is serious about thriving not only on his or her own terms, but according to our unique expectations. Candidates who pose this question learn a lot more about the NOW Marketing Group, Inc. culture than they can through online research.
  • The Best Part of Working Here: We’re always impressed when an interviewee asks us what we like best about working for NOW Marketing Group, Inc. This is another good way for a person to find out if he or she is a good cultural fit. Asking the question is a good first sign that a candidate wants to be part of our team atmosphere.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Asking about growth potential is a solid indication that a candidate is focused on constant improvement. That’s a great sign for us, because ongoing education is a central part of our ethos. We’re pleased to inform potential hires that we offer clear pathways to career advancement, along with plenty of developmental programs.

We listen for these types of queries every time we interview a candidate to join our team. Find more of our best hiring insights by liking us on Facebook.